Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Letting Go of Something Very Special

A shawl I knit this summer.

When rummaging through your house looking for things to get rid of you will probably run into something that's very special to you, but you don't use/want it anymore.  The thought of donating such an item can be too much, selling it can seem wrong so what does that leave you with?  Well, in my case giving it to someone I know who would find it desirous or useful.  What's tricky about this is if you ask someone directly they might feel obligated to take it (you've heard of Minnesota Nice?)  So, what I've been doing is posting a picture and description of the item I want to unload onto Facebook and simply ask who would like it?  It's really worked well for me and man does it feel good to give someone a gift for no specific reason.  

I've given away many things that I've knit this year, because they were never used as the color, fit, or style was wrong for me.  These knitted goods represent many hours of my time and it really brings me joy to know they will be put to good use.  Knitting is a great hobby, but sometimes I get lured into buying a yarn because the colors are so appealing even when they go with nothing I own.  Or, sometimes a pattern looks like such an interesting knit that I can't resist trying it out even if the end product is of no use for me.  When my dresser drawer no longer shut I knew something had to give or be given away in this case.  I gave away the shawl pictured above, another shawl, 2 cowls, and thick socks.  I found homes for them in a day and mailed them to their recipients the next, which costs a little money it's true, but so much easier than arranging places and times to meet up.  Besides who doesn't love getting a gift in the mail?       

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