Donating & Recycling

Donating for Reuse

Cell phones are given to people in need through 911 Cell Phone Bank .
Clothing and household goods can be brought to a Goodwill or other such charity.
Cosmetics that are partially used can be donated to a local women's shelter.
Cosmetics and samples that are unopened can be donated to Dress for Success.
Craft supplies will get lots of use at your local senior daycare centers.
Evening, Prom and Wedding Dresses and accessories can by donated to organizations like Operation Glass Slipper here in MN who help girls in financial difficulty get outfitted for Prom.
Eye glasses are collected and redistributed to those in need by The Lions Clubs International.
Musical Instruments are given to school's with underfunded music programs through  Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation.
Painting supplies you can recycle through a reuse center like Habitats for Humanity ReStore.
Pianos are distributed to those in want and need in MN through keys 4/4 kids.
Plastic Shopping Bags can go to the Humane Society for their dog walkers use.
Towels and Blankets are used in caring for animals at the Humane Society.
Winter Wear (coats, mittens, hats, boots scarves) are redistributed to those in need in MN through this organization for kids or for anyone through One Warm Coat.
Yarn will get used at churches with charity knitting programs or like this charity here in MN called Team Yarn who knit for cancer patients.


CD's, DVD's and their plastic cases can be mailed to The CD Recycling Center of America.
Electronics and Tech can be recycled through Best Buy Stores. 
Household Hazardous Materials can be brought to your county Hazardous Waste Drop Off Facility.

Recycling for Money 

Books, CD's, DVD's Records can be sold to a Half Priced Books or local used bookstore.
Children's Clothing  and toys can be brought to  Once Upon a Child stores.
Metal can be brought to Scrap Yards for money.  Here's one local to MN called Express Metals.

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